Essential Tips for setting up a Successful Facebook Marketing Campaign

May 29, 2013 1 Comment

how facebook marketing can help to drive traffic to your websiteFacebook offers a number of business-building benefits. Facebook is great to drive traffic to your websites. Millions of people are on Facebook every day, the question is just how to reach them. Here are some essential tips for setting up a successful Facebook Marketing Campaign:

Build a following

As a social networking site, the best way to drive traffic to your site is by interacting with people. Reply to their concerns and questions. Doing so will give them an idea on how to join your community and become friends with you or your fan. But also support your friends and fans. Like their content, share it with your followers if it is interesting for them. In short: Do to them (liking and sharing, responding to their questions and comments) what you expect them to do.

Also, offer tremendous value with what you share. Sure you can link to your websites and post but make sure that you mix that content by linking to other great bloggers posts as well. It might be worth for your readers to read. All in all: just keep your readers in mind with whatever you do. Your content stream on Facebook is, after all, just that – a list of what you share.

Engage and interact with your friends and fans

Marketing on Facebook is only effective if your friends and followers feel they can trust you. You earn their trust by engaging with them. If you think about it is the same with friendships in real life. If you don’t call a friend every now and then a close friend might fade away. Facebook is about your person as it is a social network where people talk to each other.

Content for your Facebook page can be:

  • Provide the tip of the day related to your market and post it on your Facebook Page
  • Post offers and promotions people love to know about. Or offer them Fan-only-promotions of your own products
  • From time to time, share stories about your life, share a video, links and photos.

Integrate effectively

One of the keys to any successful marketing campaign is integration with your other marketing strategies. When you integrate your Facebook marketing tactics with your other tactics, you’ll receive the best results possible. For example, add a Facebook Like Box/Button to your website and the other way round: Add a link to your website to your Facebook profile. Add a link to Facebook in your signature in Forums or in Emails. Different people prefer different content. That is why it is a good idea to expand your reach by conquering different social media site. However, when you just start out is is a great idea to start to engage with one market on one social media site. Often it is much better to take one step at a time than feeling overwhelmed and not doing anything anymore.

Before you start out on Facebook identify your purpose for using Facebook as a marketing tactic. Create goals and embrace these essential tips for Facebook marketing success.

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  1. Favour says:

    I use more of the facebook public group to promote my page but most times they unfollow almost immediately, what could be the cause. It’s a viral news site

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