Cost-Effective Ways of Increasing Traffic to Your Website

May 29, 2013 2 Comments

Your online business thrives and survives based on the traffic your get to your website. The more traffic you have, the more potential customers you have. And the more customers you have the more profits you make. It is an easy equation but hard to accomplish. You can drive traffic to your blog with the help of Google Adwords. If you want to learn more about it you may check out this book. However, you don’t always want to have to spend an arm and a leg to gain traffic.

Here are seven cost-effective ways to increase traffic to your website:

  • The number one definitely is social networking. It doesn’t cost money but it costs time and energy. It doesn’t matter which social network you choose. The point is to interact regularly. Whatever you want to accomplish in online marketing, you need to do it consistent to get results. And that is how you drive traffic. Whether you are using a Facebook fan page, a Twitter page, LinkedIn or another social networking site, the key is interaction. Create a nice, honest profile. Interact, share and comment. Then when it fits, post links to a specific site of your website – the more target, the better. You will drive traffic to your site.
  • Comment on related blogs. You can go to Google and search for blog: your post. Yes, it’s not blog: your niche. Be more targeted. Go to blogs with the same kind of post you are looking to promote on your site. It’s all about targeting correctly. If you link from someone’s blog post to your post which has nothing to do with that other person’s blog post people might be disappointed when they click through. So the more you can target, the better.
  • Publishing is still one of the best ways to drive traffic to your website. Publish on article directories, write guest posts for other people’s websites and syndicate your website content – this will help it get published all over the web. If you are literally all over the  place – short : everywhere – you are more likely to be seen. Don’t stop with publishing articles. Also publish on Slideshare and YouTube, publish a Podcast. Varying your content is great fun for you and your readers. You may subscribe to our newsletter – I have used the 30 Days Blog Action Plan to publish content all over the place. I used it to publish it as a Podcast but also on Slideshare. Be creative and re-use your content. It is well worth the effort.
  • Publish on your own blog. It is really important that “you are there”. Publish your content regularly not just once in a while. When you have a schedule try to stick to it. I know it is not that easy sometimes. (I recently challenged myself to publish five posts per day, and YES, I am often behind). It happens sometimes. But really, don’t worry too much about it, keep going, you don’t have to give up because you fall behind once.
  • Giveaways are great to get your reader’s attention. Giveaways can be free when you invest the time yourself to write or create them. It can be something like a downloadable report, an ebook or an online course. But you can also give away something really valuable like an iPad or a Kindle. Whatever you decide to give away promote the heck out of it – you really want to make most of your time, efforts and eventually money you put in.
  • Advertising on Google Adwords isn’t free of course but can be very cost-effective when you bid on low-cost keywords. Use long-tail keywords and you will be able to drive traffic to your website that really wants what you have to offer. If you want to learn more about Google Adwords, check out this book
  • When you have your own product you can have an Affiliate program. Affiliates then will send traffic your way but you just need to pay if that traffic converts.

Generating traffic doesn’t have to be expensive. Before you implement any new tactic, create goals and a plan to achieve them. Test and track for success. Repeat things that worked.

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