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August 28, 2013 3 Comments

Sooner or later every business, no matter if online or offline, operates through a series of practices. These are important or you are not able to accomplish something for your business. If you get an email from a customer, what you do with that email address is a business practice. How you communicate your practice is considered a policy. Many businesses publish a number of their policies. For example, a return policy or a privacy policy. When you maintain good online business practices and policies, you retain customer because you build trust. If you are known for good business practices you’ll gain customers.

Usually your business practices or policies need these five criteria:

  • Your policy or practice needs to be fair and you need to follow through it. If you say that your customer can return a product within 14 days, you need to follow this agreement.
  • Communicate clearly so your customer always knows what he gets or can ask for. For example, make sure that your customer is aware of the return policy when he goes through your shopping card.
  • Your policies need to be effective and help you accomplish your goals. They should also help to enhance your customer’s experience with you and your company
  • Your policies need to be clear and easy to understand for your customers. Additionally, they should be easy to find.
  • Make that your policies are also legal and you and your customer are protected under the law.

One of the most important things you should add to your site is your privacy policy. Make sure you tell your customer about the data collection on your site. If you make sure that your privacy policy is easy to find and that you follow through it, you’ll keep your customers. It will help them to build trust to you – after all you are just one of 1,000s of businesses online. So make sure that your visitors and customers know that you are a reliable and honest person.

Business Practices Offer Business Benefits

Each practice you create and put into action becomes become part of your business. When your business practices support both you and your customer, your business will run efficiently and effectively.

Good business practices will help you to:

  • help you to communicate effectively
  • motivate loyalty
  • enhance word of mouth you get from your customers
  • support positive reviews and feedback
  • help to generate testimonials

Do yourself a favor and take some time to review your business practices. Do these practices support your customer to have a great experience on your site? Do these practices support your success and are fair to your customer? Are they legally correct and communicate effectively? Make sure you respect your customer through your business practices. This way they’ll return again and again. It will make sure that you establish long-term success through customer loyalty.

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  1. John Douglas says:

    Great tips I would also add that if you have privacy policies and an email list that you really should consult a lawyer so you don’t end up in legal hot water.

  2. Wealthy information Monja. I would like to add a point over here. Business policy should be short, effective and to the point so that the customer will take an effort to read these policies for their betterment. I have read the terms and policy of many companies but they are too long and written clumsily. It demotivates the customer to read all the terms and policy. Rest all points are wonderful and worthy of keeping in mind while starting a new business. Great work Monja!

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