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What does great content help if nobody ever reads it? Right, not much! So usually once I have published a blog post I run around and submit my article to blog posts (by commenting), add it to a forum (where it fits), do some social bookmarking and post it on my Facebook site (wether personal or business one). But there is more we can do to spread the word about our content and therefore business. All these things will help you go not just get traffic but also backlinks to your site. In online business it is important to automate as much as you can or it will be extremely overwhelming and time-consuming to distribute your blog content to so many different sites.

Here are a few services which help to automatically distribute your blog content: stores all social media logins and help you to post your content to all services you are member at once. You just need that one login. Sure, you’ll need to sign up to each of them once but after that you can post from which will save you a lot of valuable time.


ISnare is an article distribution service which has built up a reputation as being trustworthy and consistent, although it is sometimes a little slow.¬†ISnare has not thousands s of article directories. With $30 it is not a cheap service but with one click you can submit your article to all these sites and email groups. This will give you tons of backlinks of high quality with just one submission. You’ll be seen for sure.

RSS Directories, Blog and Ping

Since the beginning of blogging, blog and ping has been around. Although Ping traffic decreased significantly it can still be a good source of one-way backlinks. WordPress has already a Ping list built in but by no means it is a comprehensive list. I have a plugin installed called Ping List Pro¬†which is regularly updated. It is a payed service but it just costs some Dollars per month. You can do it manually though, you just need to find a valid ping list. I’ve signed up for it because it is very convenient to have things submitted as soon as I post something.

You can also submit your blog to a few of the main RSS directories, and seriously consider paying for an RSS distribution service to get your RSS feed more coverage on the net. But again, you don’t have to. It is all about checking what works for you and what not. If you don’t feel it has any value for your business, skip it. No need to increase monthly costs.

Finally, if your content would be well suited for a podcast, that can also be an extremely powerful way to automatically get your content syndicated out to Apple’s entire network of podcast listeners.

These are just some of the services available to bloggers to help get content and distribution. Most of these services are automated, meaning you’ll spend five to twenty minutes setting up instead of hours and hours of manual work, you’ll definitely profit from in the long-run.

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