What Is Slideshare And How I Use It For My Business

September 2, 2013 2 Comments

To be honest with you upfront: So far I haven’t created tons of Powerpoint presentations. But I have and they are pretty easy to accomplish even if you have never done a lot with Powerpoint or Keynote on the Mac. Saying that here upfront just means that you can do it as well, even if you have never had a lot to do with this media. It is very intuitive to work with.

Why you should do presentations and submit them to Slideshare

Presentations are just another medium such as podcasting, articles, or video. You should do all of them because different people prefer different kinds of media. If you want to reach them all or at least many, you should provide content in different media. I know, it is scary first to create a video. But you get used to it. The same is with slideshows. It might be first scary to know that you can basically implement everything – from graphic to video. But this also offers endless options to make your slideshow really appealing.

What is Slideshare?

Slideshare is a plattform where anyone can submit their slideshows. Don’t just add them to your blog but also go beyond that. Go to Slideshare, register a free account and post your content there. If nothing else, you’ll get a backlink but there are many people who can see your presentations. Once there, it will get you at least some traffic forever. But as with anything else you need to be consistent. One slideshow won’t make a difference but ten or 50 can bring you a good amount of traffic.

After all, Slideshare is just another social media platform. You can comment on other slideshows, like them and share them. The more friends you have, the more will see your slideshows when you submit them. So yes, basically you really need to participate and enjoy this medium before you see a good amount of traffic to your website. But this is the same with each and every medium out there, no matter if you create YouTube videos, podcasts, or slideshows.

Tips for compelling slideshow presentations:

  • add pictures – a picture says more than 1,000 words and people are not there because they want to read a lot
  • show people at a glance which problem your presentation solves because they need to know if it is worth to check out your presentation
  • add pictures which really share the idea of your presentation, they need to be meaningful
  • use old blog posts to create presentations from those, e.g. I have created a presentation for the 30 days Blog Action Plan, but I could also do from any other.

Here are samples of my slideshows, you see it is nothing fancy but hopefully communicates well what it is about.

As you can see, while writing this post, I just have three presentations up. They don’t bring in tons of traffic (since I would need significantly more) but over time they had all together over 400 views. If just 10% of those people came to my site and subscribed here to the newsletter, I’m very happy to offer presentations to them. Actually, it all adds up. The more mediums you conquer the more you are seen. And yes, Slideshare is another one you should add to your list since presentations are an easy way to provide value to your visitors.

If you are not sure how to work on presentations you can always subscribe to a free 7 days trial at Lynda.com and learn how to create presentations.

Get started now, it’s fun!

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  1. Shalin says:

    This is exactly we should do with content marketing which is taking your content to the other users. Presentations are a great way to share knowledge and spared your name around. Slide share is the best place to do that!

  2. Services like Slideshare are awesome, and Google/Microsoft/Apple are also starting to make some comparable programs as well. I think you have a good outlook on it, that even if a small portion of the visits to your presentations check out your blog, it’s worth it. Finding the right people is key, and quality is much more important than quantity in this case. Great article!

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