Tips To Make Your Website Stand Out From The Crowd

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make your website stand outIf you want your website stand out from the crowd you won’t have an easy job ahead of you because there are millions of websites out there. Of course, you don’t have to compete with all of them but at least with those in your niche. The best strategy – if you would ever call it like that – is to add really great content. Great content of course depends on your niche. This about what people who come to your site want to read. Most probably, you are interested in your topic as well so you might want to ask yourself: What would you like reading? If you can answer that question you shouldn’t have a hard time to gain a readership. Just write. Write more and write consistently. Every day if you can. Use different media such as audio, video, slideshows – this alone will make your website stand out and gives it your fingerprint.

Beside that I have some tips for your on our to increase your website’s chances to be noticed:

Make your website easy to navigate

You basically have seven seconds to make your visitor stay. If you can’t help him or her to find what he is looking for he most likely clicks the back button of his browser in no time. So make sure that your categories are well described, your posts are tagged and easy to find and that you have a search field on your website. Maybe some recurring visitors want your specific view on a topic. If you don’t have a search function they simply might leave and look for someone else’s information on that topic. As an affiliate marketer, for example, making people stick to your website is a way to increase your chances to make them click on the affiliate links relevant to them.

Keyword Research

A good selection of keywords supports your visitors experience on your site. If you name your articles and categories properly your visitors won’t have a hard time to find what they are looking for. For each article I write I use Market Samurai as my keyword research tool. With the help of Market Samurai I can see how competitive the keyword is and, even better, how many people search for it every day. When I have a large variety of topics and therefore keywords on my site I increase my visibility. Most likely I’ll be found more often in the search engines and get more visitors. So targeting keywords which may have just 20 visitors a day can increase your visitor number immensely. Not many marketers will address these keywords so it is easy for you to rank with them. Beside that, you’ll help these people for that specific problem. And you might find readers for life because you are one of those who even address specific problems.

The more specific you are, the better it is.


Analytics provide valuable inside information. They help you track where your customers go on your website. They also tell you:

  • How long people stay on a single web page
  • How long they stay on your site
  • How they found your website
  • What keywords they use to find your website
  • How many visitors return to your website

You can just make good decisions in your business if you have the right data to use when you decide about the next step in your business. For example, if you see 500 visitors per week coming from Facebook your site is obviously good for that social media platform and you want to increase your efforts there. You can also see which keywords people are looking for and how they find you in the search engines. If you see a higher demand for a topic you may want to write about it again. In any case, the number of visitors to your site will increase.

Standing out from the crowd isn’t that difficult. However, it does require a solid plan. Know your audience. Research your keywords. Create a navigation structure that supports your customers and your business goals. And pay attention to the data. Your website analytics are the key to helping you achieve website prominence. Beside that, make sure you repurpose your content in different channels. Some people may prefer audio over posts. So it is a good idea to provide a podcast or address the topic in a video.

Look at what you like about specific sites you visit often. And then apply it to your own site and niche. Be creative, there is so much we can do if we just want to.

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