LFM003 Podcast: Failure for your Way to Success – Interview with Pat Flynn

June 24, 2013 5 Comments

Podcast with Pat Flynn about SuccessIn session No. 3 of the Living For Mondays Podcast I’m so happy to welcome Pat Flynn, THE solo entrepreneur from Smartpassiveincome.com who makes about $60,000 each and every month. But that is not the most important thing to say about Pat. I believe it is much better to talk about his generosity because he does not just share all his failures and successes free on his blog he already has tons of great tutorials and guides you’d pay money for somewhere else.. I’m sure you know Pat Flynn already but in case you don’t you should check out his site – it is full of valuable tips, how-to tutorials (in-depth) and a famous business Podcast. As you can see from my introduction here: I’m a huge fan of Pat, his honesty and his site.

You’ll discover in this session how Pat got where he is today and why he believes that a failure is actually a good thing for you. He also talks about failures he had in the past and his Niche Site Duel 2.o he just started over at the SPI blog. But you’ll get out much more of this Podcast because we also talk about how to get a website you just start out of the ground and how much time it will take you to do that. Moreover, he shares what he does to get things going and why passion is not always the key to online success. Another interesting point is also that Pat believes that a website is not just valuable when it solves a problem (such as weightloss websites or making money websites) but also if it entertains people. He has proven more than once that his strategies really work. He also believes, that a website can’t fail if it provides the ultimate resource about your topic. So when you are outranked from being No. 1 at Google – you obviously have some more work to do.

You’ll learn more about:

  • how Pat stumbled into the adventure of having an online business without actually knowing it first
  • when his light bulb turned on and he thought he could have an online business as well
  • how he got his 5,000 daily visitors in average every single day on his niche site Green Exam Academy and what he did to get there even without doing any kind of SEO
  • how he made in his first month online $7,908.50
  • how he does honest business online without scamming anyone
  • if it is possible to still have the same strategy today than Pat had 2008 (without knowing)
  • what will help today to push things quicker
  • what you need to put on your site to make it really turn into a business
  • what a key point of success online is
  • why resistance is a good thing to have before you start an online business
  • why you need a destination in your business
  • why you don’t necessarily fulfill a need with a website but add value to people’s life to succeed online
  • how Pat gets a site out of the ground and gains his first visitors, fans and subscribers
  • why there is nothing like 100% passive income
  • why you should keep adding content to your site
  • why you don’t have to be passionate about the topic of your niche site but about some things that are involved in the process
  • why it is OK to fail and why failure will actually make you successful

Here are the items mentioned in the Podcast:

If you have any further questions, please leave me a voice mail (you’ll find a button on the right). I’ll get back to you or ask Pat for an answer if it is directed to him.

Thanks so much for taking the time to listen to the Podcast, can’t wait to hear your thoughts on it.


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  1. Dan says:

    That is awesome that you got to interview Pat in your podcast. It’s always inspiring to hear what he has to say and he’s a super nice guy.
    Great questions asked, too 🙂

  2. Luke Yoshida says:

    Pat seems like a really genuine guy. I’ve always loved smartpassiveincome because of how transparent he is about everything. I would love to talk to him and pick at his brain for a while! Great interview!

  3. Erin says:

    Great podcast Monja and Pat. Thank you for including those extra links which were mentioned in your podcast. I made some changes to my Facebook page. 🙂

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