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February 6, 2015 4 Comments

FaceReading_ChakrasI’ve had the honour to talk to Mel Midegs from Seed to Mel was amazing on the Podcast – just out of nowhere she did a face reading for me and I learned so much about myself. To be honest, the science of face reading is not that much known here in Germany so I was a bit skeptical when I first heard about it. But wow, Mel has totally blown me away with her expertise and knowledge. She so totally hit the nail on the head with the things she said about me that I cannot wait to do a full face reading session with her.

Mel is living a fantastic lifestyle in Bali right now. She moved away from the corporate world and from her old life in August last year. And she can help you to do the same by finding your passion.

Beside many other things we talked about how to really figure out what we as entrepreneurs are passionate about and if we are on the right path. I think Mel really gave a valuable tip here. She said something like: Look back to your childhood and see what you loved most during that time. Most probably that is what you are passionate about because you haven’t judged yourself for anything in this time of your life.

So true. I have always loved teaching. As a child I was playing outside with other kids and I so often showed them how to do this or that – I never figured that I was really passionate about it but I don’t get around. I am a teacher. I’m just not really a school teacher. I’m a passionate teacher when it comes to online business and marketing though.

So this session truly was an eye opener for me. I might be a multipassionate entrepreneur but in the end – I’m just that – a teacher. Someone who loves to show others what I’ve figured over the years. Anyone is an expert on something, you just need to figure out on what.

The different parts of your faces will show help Mel to figure things about your personality. We don’t go into detail in this session because it was just a quick overview about what she can actually do for you. After the session Mel told me that there is actually so much more she can see and sometimes it gets quiet personal. We decided to do another session and show you what she can figure about me.

If you are a beginning entrepreneur or even if you have your business for longer you’ll want to figure what route to go and here will Mel come into play and help you to figure exactly that.

It’s not telling you a fortune. It’s nothing like that. It’s more about figuring who you are and get crystal clear on that. Once you are the chances are high that you can help others to do the same.

Check out Mel’s Website here

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I'm Monja, the owner of several websites, amongst others and I make my money online since 2011 and as a teacher I love to teach others how to do the same - personally. You can connect with me here and on Google +

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  3. This is so true. Thank you for opening my eyes. I enjoyed reading your blog. We forget just how expensive it is to buy and don’t forget hiring movers and the stress of moving.

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