5 Reasons Why Getting Organized Will Save You Time

February 25, 2015 3 Comments

Have you ever noticed that the busiest people are also the ones with more free time? This is because the more busy we get the more organized we have to be. And when we organise our time, we free up more time as well.Denise-Da-Costa

I know this first hand, because when I was studding and working in the corporate world I always had plenty of free time. But when I was doing just one thing, well the time seemed to pass slowly as I wasn’t making the most of it.

As contradictory as it may sounds the more I have to do the more free time I have. And I am not talking about working under pressure, but focusing our energy to use our time better.

So yes, getting organized will save you time. You don’t have to be less busy to enjoy time, you just need to get organized.

Here are my top 5 reasons why getting organized will save you time.

1. When you set clear goals, you get focused

When you set clear goals, you get focused and when you are focused you finish your work in less time.

The reason busy people accomplish so much, is because they set clear goals, organise them by priority and stick to them.

Focus is crucial to get more done. Your time is limited; we all have the same 24 hours a day. So, if you want to do more, get clear on your goals and focus your time and energy in tasks that will lead you achieve your goals.

Remember lack of goals just make you busy being busy.

2. What you schedule, gets done

There is power is setting intentions. And this is exactly how scheduling your tasks work: Once you write all your activities for the week in your calendar, you have set up the intention of getting those tasks done; the rest is just follow through.

So, the first step to get things done, is schedule them. By putting everything on your calendar you will have a better sense of what extra activities you can squeeze in it and what not. So you can be sure that the important things will get done.

3. More work-life balance improve your productivity 

Have you ever had a day with plenty of time, but your lack of energy and motivation make you procrastinate? This is because the efficient way of doing things is doing them when we have enough energy to it. And, when you are fully motivated, you accomplish more in less time.

So, re-charging your energy has to become a priority.

The more you spend on boosting your energy’s level, the more productive you will become. So, you have to make sure you are including enough “me-time” in your week.

And this is easy when you start organizing your week, because by organizing all your activities you will have control over how to spend your day/week/month. Which means your will start having time for lunch, a break, your meditation practice, etc.

4. An organized desk will make you more productive

Your environment affects you and a messy desk can distract you. Clutter robs your focus and energy, making you feel overwhelmed and less productive.

So, get organized, declutter your desk and create a home-office that supports you to achieve your goals. When you get rid of the clutter, your productivity will sky rock.

5. Organized people don’t multi-task

Multitasking doesn’t go well with creativity work. When you are in creativity mode, block 2-3 hours of zero distractions time. This way you will accomplish more, finish your project on time (or before) and free up some time.

By focusing in one task at a time, you will be fully focused on that task which means you will be more productive and get it done quicker.


Denise Da Costa is a productivity coach who believes getting organised is the key to success in life and business.

She helps women entrepreneurs get organised and implement systems to be more productive, so they can grow their business with ease, make an impact in the world and have time to enjoy with their families.


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