Are you Multipassionate and hesitate to say that?

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multipassinate entrepreneurIt has not been a while it has been forever since the last time I wrote a blog post. The reason is easy: I didn’t know how I am. I switched around from here to there and tried to figure who I am. Am I a marketer? Someone who tells you how to get your blog from the ground? Am I a DIYer? Since I have a digital scrapbooking site since 2008 you could get this idea.

Am I German? Or am I better writing in English?

Well, you see there are many options of who I am and that’s the worst feeling – you never know where you stand and what you stand for, you are just “someone” floating around. And really, I don’t wanna be that anymore. I just gave in. I guess I’m all that. I love Internet Marketing, I love leading a huge site, I love doing DIYs, I love designing, I love recording videos, reading, listening to music, I love Sauna, swimming, well, that’s me – all that and I guess even more.

So what’s the take away?

Don’t try to be just one thing. You are more than one and you can’t blame yourself for that. You need to accept that you are, most probably, multipassionate. After all, you are most probably not just reading this one blog. You might also be a fan of Pat Flynn or Marie Forleo, of someone who does crocheting or planning. And that’s ok, you just need to

  1. accept that
  2. find a way to integrate all that into your life

And that’s it 😀

So here I am. I’m German, yes, but I love my English websites. I don’t mind to write in English or do videos in English. I love the English communities because you guys are so friendly. For many things I also love my own country. So I just feel that I need to accept that I’m all that. So if you want to learn more about me and my multipassionate personality, here you can.

Here is what I’m up to

  1. My digital scrapbooking site. Started for the love of photography and, last but not least, designing. is still a project by heart and Mistica Designs, that’s me as a designer.
  2. I’m a teacher. I really love teaching. So I’m at Skillshare and Udemy. On Skillshare you can join all my classes and thousands from other teachers for 99 Cent for 3 months. I know that’s an incredible price.
  3. I’m a DIYer and together with my mum I have a huge site at SimpleLifeStories
  4. I also have the Affiliate Site – just because I loved the design and I wanted to program it. Beside that I have been in the Caribbean and I LOVED it.

I guess I’m much more, many things I haven’t thought of. The only reason I tried to hide this was because I thought that you wouldn’t believe me that I can give my all to all these things. But I can because that’s me. I’m a Multimediadesigner and I have a degree in webdesign. I have studied at a German University and also in the United States. I’m thankful for all these experiences I could make.

So from now on I’ll just write about all these things. Wins and failures. Join me on the other sites if you like these things as well. Don’t hesitate. You can also tell me what passions you have? Are you just passionate about one thing? Or are you like me? Multipassionate? I’d love to hear from you!

PS: This post’s image is the background on my computer screen right now. It stands for the mountain I have to climb but the way is what I’ll enjoy not really being on top.

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