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July 23, 2017 6 Comments

I guess I am already a vlogger. Just not so serious. I record videos nearly daily, yes – but I’m all over the place. I record them mostly (at least over the last months) in my mother language and publish them on my school. Then they become a deal on Groupon (what I’m very proud of!). But then, well, I haven’t done a lot for promoting my courses beside that.

I know it’s a shame.

I talk about marketing, about consistency, about all the good things around Online Marketing and then – shame on me – I don’t even do half of these things. Yes, raising my hand. It seems that the day simply doesn’t have enough hours, that’s why. It’s a lame excuse, I know – I’m actually not really well enough planned.

Vlog like a Boss

Right now I’m reading the book “Vlog like a Boss” by Amy Schmittauer and in some ways it simply opened my eyes. Especially when it comes to organising, planning and such stuff. Realising that it feels that I could be much more productive if I’d simply do the planning correctly.

However, I haven’t so far.

I will do a review of the book once I finished reading it, that’s for sure. For now, I can just say it has opened my eyes at least in the way of organising (so far).

Amy suggests to put your content into buckets. Instead of sitting in front of a white paper you need to create buckets for your content.

For example: You publish one video per week (which is the best publishing schedule for YouTube in most cases) with an advice, then you publish a review, maybe a tutorial and a list. So you have 4 buckets. Now you can go ahead and find topics for each bucket – much easier than coming up with content from scratch, isn’t it? You “just” need to think around your bucket instead of the whole niche you are in.

Here my first try of a Content Plan

First Content Plan trial

So you see by far I haven’t finished the book yet. I started. I started somewhere – actually by reading and then, from one moment to the other, I thought: yeah, that feels good. I’m a vlogger. I am already but I need to adapt a bit to my channels to create proper content and such. So let me get into planning mode 😉

I will let you know how that turns out. Please excuse my first post here after a long time, it’s more rambling but I promise this will change with my planning. Although I felt for many weekends that, with my reading and watching videos and such they have been a waist of time but this weekend I truly feel I have climbed the mountain. Not that I discovered who I am and who I want to be known for, I also stopped feeling guilty for working at too many projects at once.

One project or more?

First I thought I’d need to cut down all websites to finally focus on one. And really, since I created the websites because that’s me and because I love the topics, I felt bad all the time and put that on hold. So I felt paralysed. Without cutting down my websites (projects) I’d never be successful.

Then I talked to my friend. Asked him, a Professor for project management (again shame on me I haven’t thought of asking him earlier! If he doesn’t know who should?), how do you handle it? Do you always work on one project?

And he said: No, that would be strange, kinda boring. It’s just about planning time for each of your projects.

Really? Is it so easy? Have I been stressing myself for so long without that being necessary? Maybe he is right? It’s about planning?

Oh well, off to my board for now, thanks Professor for no longer feeling guilty!

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  1. Mike Marko says:

    Anyone can be a vlogger! This is so inspiring!

  2. Aayush says:

    Well, becoming vlogger is easy, but creating content, editing requires more efforts.Anyway Awesome post

  3. Mohan Das says:

    Thank you for recommending the book “Vlog Like a Boss” by Amy Schmittauer.

  4. Sohaib says:

    great article. it really does motivate people to vlog more.

  5. Paula Deen says:

    You really are an intelligent person, your wordings kept me reading your whole post, I am trying my level best, one day i will become a blogger like you… Cheers!

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