Article Writing

Getting Through Writer’s Block

October 14, 2013 1 Comment

There will come a time in a person’s life that he will realize that he has nothing to write about. Just recently I’ve talked about this here. I thought it would be nice to have an article series about that because I feel it is a common problem each of us face from time to […]

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Ways on Finding Great Article and Blog Topics

October 9, 2013 6 Comments

Whether you are an Internet savvy or someone who likes sharing things with people, there will always come a time when you will reach a mental block and cannot think of any blog topic to write about. It is as if you have already run out of things to say. If this happens to you, […]

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Get attention with the right Headlines for your Blog Posts

May 28, 2013 1 Comment

Blog posts need great headlines – just like sales letters, newspaper articles and any other medium where you’re competing for attention. Think of yourself: Why do you read a post or an article in the newspaper ? Yes, because of a great headline and a short introduction that both catch your attention. If you want to […]

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