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The Blogger’s Guide To Online Marketing

August 11, 2012 0 Comments

Many of us have started blogging for personal reasons. Most of time us blog as a way to express ourselves. It can be a creative outlet especially if you are not getting that in your place of work or at home. Blogging can also be a way to gather all your thoughts and share them […]

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The Step-By-Step Web & SEO Copywriting Course

August 9, 2012 2 Comments

The content of your website is probably the most important element of your page. While graphics or gimmicks can initially attract people to visit your site, it is the content that would ultimately make them stay. The right content can make your business, compel people to sign up, and drive sales forward. Never underestimate the […]

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How to write an About Me Page

June 10, 2012 0 Comments

It’s not new the the Internet is becoming more and more social. Once you land on a blog or website you are asked to subscribe to the owner’s Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or Google Plus channel. But mostly we won’t do until we are have learned a bit more about the person behind the website. The […]

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