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November 24, 2012 18 Comments

When I first heard that you can make money online I was very skeptical. That should really work? It seemed to be just yesterday when the soap bubble of the DotCom boom has burst. That was in 2000 when the Internet was still in its Baby Shoes. And now it should be possible to work online and make money from the comfort of your home? Even those days there were many possibilities – Ebay was pretty famous and well-known, everyone seemed to sell her used stuff online. One day though we all realized that we need to be more careful when adding stuff to Ebay because adding products was costly and you had to pay even if you didn’t sell it. This obviously also made Ebay rich but once we realized that Amazon just charges a fee when the item is sold we wandered over to them.

But beside Amazon and Ebay there are many other ways to make money online. And yes, these ways are not just legitimate but can also be pretty profitable. If you still believe that you can’t live with and from the Internet please keep in mind that some huge warehouses, which did not come online in time, went broke.

Why is making money online so interesting?

The first thing is definitely that you can found your own business real quick, even if you don’t have $50.000 to spend. The obstacles are really not high. You do not need a brick and mortar store, which already saves a few thousands every month, you also do not need electricity and heating, water or pay other fees. If you have no other chance you could even found your business on your living-room table. In the end you just need a web server (you should check out the low-cost, domain-included version from Bluehost) and a web site.

If you have $200 to spend, you can start your own business. On the one hand it’s GREAT to have such small obstacles. 6 not passive ways to earn money onlineOn the other hand that might be the reason why many people do not earn money online – because of the small investment some people’s commitment might be not high enough. But exactly that differentiates in my opinion those people, who are successful from those, who are not. You need a lot of patience to stay on track.

Therefore, one thing upfront: Earning money online isn’t easy. It is much easier to look for a Job in the real world and just earn a monthly income. This way you are sure, that you really earn something. Online this is not the case. Here you might need some months to make money, but it’s well worth.

I have seen both sides of a coin. I had a profitable “job” (my own private lesson’s agency) but I felt already tired when I got up in the morning and didn’t know how to stand the day because it was usually about 14 hours long. Because of that I can say that it was well worth to built up my Internet business. Not easy, but well worth – today I’m looking forward to Monday and I do not feel exhausted in the morning.

So I can just say: If you are not happy with your job and if you think that the Internet is your place to be, there is nothing better than working online and it’s well worth the effort.

Here are some quick(er) and profitable ways to earn money online:

1. Ebay and Amazon still offer a chance for you to earn money

On Ebay as well as on Amazon (and much better there) you can sell your own information products, EBooks. Especially Amazon’s Kindle platform offers huge earning possibilities! But you can also buy books, CDs and DVDs for example on flea markets and sell them on Amazon or Ebay. You won’t get rich but there are a lot of manufacturers, who can live from that. And the best is – you do not need money to start, you can sell your own old books and DVDs, before you start buying used stuff. So you can gain some experience and you quickly realize if your new career is something you like.

2. Create your own products

Do you like carving? Or taking photos? You can also sell your own products online – beside EBooks and courses. If you can create your own furniture for example, you could sell these things online. Some people even earn a living by creating greeting cards with graphics they buy. Many of our customers at do exactly that – they buy digital scrapbooking kits and create something from them and sell those things online.

3. Affiliate Marketing with PPC Advertising

Google Adsense offers you the chance to bid on keywords and advertise cheaply. You can bid on keywords and add Affiliate Links into these ads. If your bid price is under the affiliate commission you get (please also consider the conversion rate) you have made a profit. Sure thing, not every user, who clicks, becomes a customer so please keep in mind that you might need to invest some money before you earn money. But you can do that quickly and without a website. How this works you learn in our course here.

4. Earn money on Odesk

Whenever I need to get something done I can’t do myself or don’t want to do myself because of a lack of time, I try to find someone on Odesk, who can do it for me. This way I already found a programmer, but also a translator or a virtual assistant who can take over some of my daily tasks. But you can also apply for jobs there. Do you understand a second language properly? If so you can maybe translate these texts into English. Or maybe you are a web designer, you like writing? Whatever you like to do, you most probably can earn money with it. Have a look here.

5. Stock Photography

Many people love taking pictures. Even with that you can build a small business. But the thing is that you really need to upload and tag a lot of pictures to sell well on e.g. Fotolia. But it is the same like everywhere in life: if you are serious about stock photography you can make a living from it. Your pictures need to have a high resolution and be very sharp, otherwise they are declined. Editors, website owners, and everyone, who buys photos on Fotolia need photos for specific keywords such as “Internet”, “Money” or “Success” – how you express that in pictures is up to you. You can look at Fotolia here.

As a result you can say – If you want to earn money online you need patience. Once you have created an income for yourself, you’ll realize that it was worth every minute you spend on it. If you are looking for more possibilities, have a look at this article.

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  1. This blog is nice, have great the tips and good content ahead. Thanks for sharing with us. Thanks

  2. Kimber says:

    More great thoughts! I am trying to soak up all of your knowledge!

  3. Esther Paul says:

    Great tip the problem with people like us is… people in our country are not much into online shopping so the chance of earning through affiliate program is less.

    Is there any better alternative for Adsense?


  4. Excellent article! I love seeing readily available information on the subject. Earning money online is just such a valuable tool accessible by everyone. While it may be difficult to get into, it can add a lot of money to anyone’s income once learned. I personally use CPA marketing and I love it. I’m nearing in on making it my full time income which is a HUGE help for me as a college student. Keep up the quality money online posts!


  5. Ethan Pepper says:

    I must say I’m a little surprised to see Affiliate Marketing using AdWords on this list. I have tried this in this past only to get my some of my domains suspended by Google. They always end up telling me my sales page is a doorway page and that is violation of their TOS. So after awhile I just stopped trying and started looking to organic traffic.

    • Winsten says:

      Maybe what you can do it to build a one pager with a form for visitor and capture their contact info. After they submit, you can redirect them to your affiliated offer. This should help to bypass Google restriction.

  6. Veer says:

    Hi Monja mam

    I search for google how to Make Money Online by Stock Photography and i see your site and nice post for stock Photography your Exp. Fotolia for small business site is relay appreciative thanks for the information
    pls sent me more information in my email


  7. khan koltuk says:

    Nice to see your blog, Good info. Keep posting new stuff. Will be visiting this site frequently.

  8. Barbara says:

    Hi again Monja, I’ve got no single regret visiting your site. It is indeed very helpful and useful. Thanks again for sharing your tips and ideas. Your knowledge is a great help for us. Your blog is really great! Keep it up!

  9. leo says:

    Keep posting new stuff. Will be visiting this site frequently.

  10. Misty says:

    Just wanted to say hi and thanks. I’ve spent part of my afternoon on your blog and really enjoyed it. I’m also working on creating an online income, starting with my first niche site. But this gave me some more ideas as well, especially with the stock photography. I was a photographer many many MANY years ago lol might be a good time to pick it back up. Keep up the great work, I look forward to reading more!

  11. Tariqul says:

    I am very happy to see your post and hope I can apply this method myself. I specially like eBay an amazon but I don’t know about flea. Can you give some details about flea as well as eBay and amazon solid tips to earn.

  12. Thomas says:

    Thanks for the great post. I just ventured into the world of making money online and already I find it extremely fascinating. It does definitely take a lot of commitment to make it work though. As you say, the low barrier to entry makes it start but not necessarily easy to make it actually work.

  13. socioon says:

    Lovely Post i would like to share this because its very helpful for me keep it up and dont stop posting.

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