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Have you been struggling to get enough traffic on your website? Who not – we all have gone through that. One day we have practiced all our Internet marketing books have taught us. We’ve spent hours perfecting our writing skills. We’ve restructured everything from the ground up, and still it is not enough. No matter how creative or meaningful our content may be, we still must be doing something wrong. We still are not getting the numbers that we need to be able to make a living off your website.

Chances are you are breaking at least one or all of the 4 Golden Rules of search engine optimization. Don’t fret because you are in good company. 99% of all all of us Internet marketers end up violating them, too. If you break any one of those rules, you will fail to gain any ranking in Google, hence the low site visit numbers. Are you aware what those 4 unbreakable rules are? Probably not, but Market Samurai educates us on that. By knowing what the unbreakable rules are, we are that much closer to achieving the website traffic numbers that we are aiming for.

What is Market Samurai?

Market Samurai is a keyword analysis tool that intelligently changes the way you do your search engine optimization. It’s not a magic wand, that just makes your wish come true. It is a smart system that allows you to determine, which tasks don’t create the results, that you want and put it in your discard list. You can focus on your competencies and enjoy the return on investment, that you want. Market Samurai is a step by step process that gives you a sequence to follow. That removes confusion and a loss of focus that would have otherwise created havoc for you. Finally, it ramps up productivity. You get to complete whatever needs to be done as quickly and efficiently as possible. The results will speak for themselves. You will be able to achieve your goals without wasting so much time, effort and the most important thing, money.

Did Market Samurai help me?

I can definitely say: yes, it did. I do not need that tool to do my keyword research but fact is, that it helps me to get, where I want, so much quicker. Instead of collecting information from different sources Market Samurai does it for me – it simply lists competition data and gives me a quick overview, if the niche is worth to look into or if I should look for a new keyword.

Have a look at the suite – on the left side you can see the different modules of Market Samurai:

Keyword research with Market Samurai

Through Market Samurai, you will realize that it is all about the keywords. SEO Keyword analysis is the heart and soul of the Internet marketing world. You can gain great insights on what markets you should be targeting versus which ones you should not touch with a ten foot pole. An important lesson is how to develop an effective keyword analysis methodology, that would identify, which golden nuggets you should zero in on. You learn the mathematic behind a successful outcome, such as the probability of achieving page 1 rankings for your keywords and determining how many backlinks you will need. Market Samurai demystifies things for you and leaves you with an action plan towards a vastly improved keyword optimization plan.

In Internet Marketing, there is no magic bullet you need to find, it is more about a strategy you need to implement. And Market Samurai helps you to do that easily and quickly. Once you have watched the video training the owner of the software provides, you can apply the Golden Rules of keyword research and, more important, understand them.

Market Samurai breaks down the keyword analysis process in seven phases. Each phase acts like a module. You get achievable results in every module, which makes you gain confidence in you skills. It all gets tied up in a bow at the very end and you realize how important each step is.

Be like the great Japanese warrior of yore. Arm yourself with Marketing Samurai and fight your way to the top of Google’s page rank!

Learn more about Market Samurai here

After signing up for the trial the owner gives you a very special discount. So make sure to sign up for the trial. They now include 50 free keywords you can track your ranking with. This is awesome and usually cost you a monthly fee in several programs.


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