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web analytics toolsOnce per month, usually around the first, I sit down and check my statistics. You need to analyze your statistics to figure how to optimize your strategies and tactics, what is going wrong and what is working well. They help you get a better understanding of what your customer wants and needs. You can see what kind of content customers like best and where they are coming from. If most of them, e.g. come from Facebook, you should do some more Facebook Marketing. If they like a specific post best, do some more posts like that. Website analytics can be the most valuable asset you have. However, choosing the right analytic tools can be overwhelming. There are many to choose from.

Here is a brief list of some of the more popular analytic tools, and advice on how to choose the right one for you.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is free to you. You simply register with Google if you don’t already have a Gmail account. Sign up for the analytics tool by providing a bit of information about your website. After that you need to copy and paste some information into the header area of your website. It works very easily with the Genesis Theme because there is an area where you can simply add the code. Don’t forget to connect Google Analytics with the Google Webmaster Tools. If you don’t Analytics can’t tell you which search queries lead people to your site. With Google Analytics you can even track goals, e.g. how often a visitor follows a special path and finally converts. It is a great tool although you need some time to understand it.


Piwik is as an open source program free to use. It is also open for development. This can be a big advantage if you want your analytics to accomplish something new. Piwik is an alternative to Google analytics so their offerings are similar. With Piwik your analytic data is on your server. This is a good thing because then Google is not able to analyze your data as well. So it is definitely a thought worth if you add Piwik or Analytics to your site.


AWStats is again a tool similar to Analytics and Piwik but it also provides some additional data:

  • Visits of robots
  • Worm attacks
  • HTTP errors
  • Number of times your site is added to a visitorís favorites

The program doesn’t work with all websites. It works with all web hosting providers which allow Perl, CGI and log access.

Site Meter

Site Meter offers two options. They offer a free and a paid version that starts at $6.95 for 25,000 page views. Depending on your page views, the rate increases. Site Meter similar information than the other tools but it also tracks the path your visitor takes when they arrive at your website. This is extremely valuable information. It can help you tighten your website content and copy to achieve a desired result.

What Web Analytics Tool is the best to choose?

It depends on the question about what data you need to make decisions about how to optimize your site. Each service you use has access to your site. But if you install a software it is just you who can access the data. Also, check out which of the programs is the most appealing to you. You do not just need to have the information but also be able to understand it.

Once you have a trusted source and the data you need to grow your business, it comes down to price and personal preference. Most analytics tools are free or very inexpensive. Choose your tool, install it and but then, stick to it. It can be very frustrating not to have the data you need because you just switched your providers.


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