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January 17, 2015 0 Comments

morning-routineRight now, I’m participating in a 15 Day Challenge from Natalie Sisson. I do that to get more clear about my own goals for this upcoming year. Additionally, I want to get myself out there more and do more networking. I want to get in touch with others. My home here on the web has been a lonely island with content getting feedback from some people. Now after it is revamped, I really want to take it to the next level.

At the moment I get up at 5.40 am, get me ready, get my home ready and leave at 6.30 am. Sometimes I’m already stressed because if there is a lot to do I have already done that – get things out of the dishwasher, make beds, get the living-room clean, all that. Then my mum and I go for a walk with our dog. After that we enjoy a breakfast and start working around 8 am. Until that time mum and I have most probably talked about the bad things going on, about the things which have to be done, etc. As much as I enjoy the walk with Maxi I feel it doesn’t really help me to  get started because we too often talk about problems during the walk. This means it no longer has a relaxing and refreshing  character.

What I’m going to do about my Morning Routine:

  1. When I get up at 5.40 am I’ll no longer jump out of the bed to get the home ready. I will simply stay there and meditate for 10 minutes or so. Meditation should make a huge difference and I’ll be happy to figure if that is true.
  2. I will drink a glass of water right after the meditations to wake up my organs
  3. While walking, I won’t discuss problems anymore but talk about what we will have to do in our business. This will not just refresh me more but will also help to get set up for the day.
  4. I’ll try to get my breakfast more healthy although I believe it already is. I might add a smoothy or so.

That’s it. I know, those are not life-breaking changes but may help me. I definitely need to take more care of myself rather that pleasing anyone around me. Meditation seems to be like a key to success.

Would you like to join me? What is your routine? What would you like to change?

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