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mia1On the second day of the 15 days blog challenge Nathalie talks about identifying my MIA, my Most Important Action I should take every day to move my business to the next level. She asks to identify the one to three things I can do the next 15 days that will have the most impact on my business. Since our business is a little different because we are multi-passionate entrepreneurs and have several websites I need to spread the action I’m taking a bit. Right now, I’m still in the process to simplify all and everything and focus on basic stuff. The point is – the more options I have the less I sell and I think the reason is because nobody really knows what we stand for.

That’s why I’ll start doing B-School again for LivingForMondays. It officially starts in March but I’ll go through the material already right now. So this will be one of my MIAs to do. Beside that I’ll focus on identifying the things the people who work with me should do. The better I am here, the more will be accomplished and they do not all have to wait for me.

So again clarity and focus will be my tasks beside planning ahead. I need to simplify. Not just my digital life but also my business life – which somehow connects again. So my focus this and the next week will definitely be clarification. Super important.

I will also try to get ahead of the game and start planning out my weeks. The Passion Planner I got truly helps.


  1. Write down daily tasks for myself + those working with me
  2. Do B-School again to niche down
  3. Plan ahead of time

Last year I realised, that, the more I offered the less I sold. I need to be 100% clear not just WHAT my business is about but also what I stand for and I think you can just do that when you niche it down. So if you join me in the process maybe do that as well – niche yourself down. Who are you? What do you stand for? Let’s discover that 😀

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