What is Clickbank?

February 17, 2013 1 Comment

As  an affiliate you can join Clickbank for free. Many people run into Clickbank if they have decided to advertise a specific product. Once you are a member, you can offer your readers all available products on ClickBank. They have a great “marketplace” where you can look for products or sell them. You can earn […]

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What Is PPC?

February 17, 2013 0 Comments

PPC is a key tool that helps you in getting more Traffic to your website. If you use this effectively, this tool can be valuable. PPC stands for ‘pay per click ‘and means that you have to pay for each click when a potential customer clicks on your ad. Google is currently the main provider (followed […]

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The little Twitter Glossary

May 6, 2013 0 Comments

In 2007, Twitter came as an independent company to the market. Twitter is a social media platform that gets more and more users. On Twitter, short messages will be published up to 140 characters in real time. Twitter has about 4 million users and is available in nearly 30 languages. For website owners or entrepreneurs, […]

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