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Let’s set SMART Goals for a Quarter and Beyond

October 2, 2017 4 Comments

We just figured how important content and focus is and that’s why today I’m here to create a plan and set goals for the last quarter of 2017. I don’t think I’ll write 1500 word blogposts every day but I really want to give you a lot of content this month to get on track […]

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If Content is King, Focus is Queen – 2 Actions you need to do

October 1, 2017 12 Comments

Actually it took me much too long to make these decisions and figure that focus is queen. The last years (holy cow, am I really talking about years?) were a struggle. Me jumping from left to right, not knowing what to focus on, running around, watching classes and videos and in the end being so […]

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Why I want to become a Vlogger

July 23, 2017 6 Comments

I guess I am already a vlogger. Just not so serious. I record videos nearly daily, yes – but I’m all over the place. I record them mostly (at least over the last months) in my mother language and publish them on my school. Then they become a deal on Groupon (what I’m very proud […]

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