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 ideas for blog postsSometimes it is like this: You sit in front of your computer and you know that you should start writing. You really should. Maybe you haven’t posted on your blog for ages (at least that is how it feels) but still, nothing good comes to your mind, all you can think of seems to exist already. And if it doesn’t you might feel that you can from the things from your head into a blog post. Does this sound familiar to you?
Coming up with blog post ideas day in and day out can be challenging at times. Although you surf the Internet for hours you don’t come up with anything you can use and if you actually do, you don’t feel that this is THE ultimate post idea. Here is what I do when I hit writer’s block and hopefully, these blog post ideas will help you as well:

1. Do Something Strenuous

It doesn’t matter what you do. You can take a jog. Work out. Go for a swim. Hit a punching bag. Do something exhausting that gets oxygen pumping into your brain, while simultaneously taking your attention off of blogging. Shifting your physiology can go a long ways towards shifting your mentality. Doing strenuous exercise can often help punch through the staleness of writer’s block and to help you discover new inspiration.

2. Do Something Relaxing

 On the other hand, relaxing can also help overcome writer’s block. Many of the world’s best inventors came up with their ideas while on leisurely strolls, in the shower or right when they woke up from a nap. Meditation can also be a great help. Just make sure your mind is empty. Put yourself on your bed, listing to some relaxing music (there is tons of music on YouTube, just search for meditation music) and try to think of – nothing. When you feel relaxed it will be much easier for you to come up with fresh great ideas.

3. Read Your Competitor’s Blog

 Your competitor’s blogs can be a great source of inspiration too. What are they doing right? What are they doing wrong? How are their customers and readers responding to them? And, especially, what questions do they have? Check out the biggest blogs in your niche and look at the questions the readers have in their comment section. This helps tremendously to find new blog post ideas.
See which of their posts are popular (maybe based on comments? You often also find out about most popular posts in the sidebar) and see if you can address similar topics in your own style.
If there are any “holes” in their coverage, be the first to address those holes as well. And even if not – you might be able to write an update to their post, one which is even better or addresses the newest development on the market. Some posts were very popular when they have been published but are outdated today. Update them in your own unique style.

4. Just Start Ranting

Another great strategy to get writing is to just start writing (I’m serious about this ;-)). Write about any old thing. Write about the state of the industry, write about random tips, or write about your day, write about off-the-wall ideas you’ve had. In short, just start writing. It doesn’t matter if you find something useful later or not. What’s important is that you’ve gone from “stuck” to “writing.” That in and of itself can help you overcome writer’s block.

5. Browse Related Forums

Browse forums in your industry and in related industries. What are current topics people are talking about? What are some of the most often asked questions? What are questions that people are having a hard time getting answered? Forums are a great way to get a sense for what’s going on in a particular field. By browsing forums, you can often come up with ideas on what to write about based on what’s on your target market’s mind. You won’t find any other place where a lot of people come together to talk about one particular topic. Sooner or later they address the things that are going on in your niche right now.

Bonus Tip for Blog Post Ideas

Go to the next shop and get yourself a magazine you usually would not buy. Yes, you are reading correctly – something you definitely would never have a look at. You will have to concentrate more if you read something like that. Beside that, try to read an article and try to find anything what you can apply to your niche. For example: If you read a soccer magazine and you find an article about the eating habits of the players – maybe you can write about the eating habits of your niche? Or you write about any other habit? Just another way to get rid of writer’s block 🙂

These are five ideas you can use today to help come up with ideas on what to write. Any time you have trouble coming up with blog post ideas, just come back to this article and try one of these five tactics. Most importantly, try some of the tactics that you wouldn’t normally try. After all, if you’re only doing what you’ve always done, you won’t radically change your results.
If sport and relaxation don’t help you can also check out these blog posting tips here – that is my list to get some inspiration and find new blog post ideas.
If all this doesn’t help, you might want to have a look at a book I recently got:
The Writer’s Block: 786 Ideas to Jump-Start Your Imagination (There is a digital Edition, you can start reading right now on any device you have)
If nothing else, I totally enjoyed reading it. But it for sure offers a lot of great ideas about how to overcome writer’s block and come up with new blog post ideas. But don’t trust just my opinion. It has several 5-Star reviews, check it out here.

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