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May 27, 2013 3 Comments

If you are a gig provider at Fiverr, then you’ll probably be painfully aware that just because you got a job description up on Fiverr it doesn’t mean that you will get a huge river of people trying to buy your services. In fact, if you’re offering a service that is fairly common like graphic design, content creation and similar services, you are probably facing an uphill challenge in terms to being noticed. Sure Fiverr gets huge amounts of traffic, but that traffic is divided and distributed by numerous service providers. In fact, only a small minority of service providers gets the vast chunk of traffic for the service category that they specialize in. The other gig sellers have to content themselves with what’s left over. If you don’t want to play that game, you need to know how to market your Fiverr gigs. The good news is that marketing your Fiverr gigs is not any different from marketing websites online. You just have to have a checklist of typical ways of how people promote websites. I recently interviewed Eugeni0 who makes a living by selling articles (2 for $5) on Fiverr. You can check out the article and the Podcast here.

Check out the methods below to help drive more traffic and market your Fiverr gigs:

 1) Forum Marketing

Look for forums that specialize in the particular need that your gig fills. For example, if you provide customized business plans then go to forums that specialize in people starting their own business. See how that works? It’s all about targeting. There are forums online for all sorts of needs. In fact, there is a community for all sorts of interests. The only limit, really, is your own imagination: you just have to put in the time to find the right forums.

 2) Create your own website and drive traffic to it

Some people create websites to drive traffic to their Fiverr gigs. Isn’t this redundant? Isn’t this just doubling the work? No, actually when they SEO that website and work hard in driving traffic to it, the website acts as a filter and Fiverr is really just the order fulfillment side of their website. If you know what you’re doing this approach is quite effective.

3) Get featured on Fiverr gig review blogs

There are many specialized blogs that review Fiverr gigs. You just need to hit the search engines and figure out which blogs these are and then request that they review your gig. The only cost is that you have to give them a free sample of your gig. This means custom services or custom products.

 4) Press releases

Just like promoting a regular website, you can use a press releases to promote your Fiverr gig. The secret to an effective press release is that it must not read like a typical press release. In other words don’t come off as a spammer, don’t come off as someone with an agenda to promote or a product to push. Nobody is going to publish your press release if you come off like that. Instead, focus on a particular news-worthy topic and raise your Fiverr gig profile as a possible solution for that. However, you really have to play it soft; soft sell is the key for an effective press release.

5) Build a Facebook fan page

If you know to get people to like your Facebook page, then you can be sitting at a huge pool of traffic for your Fiverr gig. The secret to this is to get people to like your Facebook page and then send them updates that hint at your gig. There is no need for a hard sell. You don’t want to come off as a spammer instead you just have to raise the possibility of the need and make it clear that your gig fills that need.

As always look at the bestselling gigs as well. Maybe you can offer similar services?

Also, try to draft your Fiverr gigs well. It is all about the right copywriting to convince people. I took a course in copywriting and reviewed it here. If you want to check it out, go here

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