Finding Keywords That Help You To Rank Quickly

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If you ask all successful Internet marketers, they will tell you that the significance of Google keyword rank can never be overstated since Google is the undeniable leader of search engines. Also, a lot of people use it to search for any info they require on the Internet. This means that, most of your visitors will likely visit your site as a result of using Google.

Therefore, if you want organic traffic, then you should take Google Ranking seriously. Finding keywords unfolds every mystery in top ranking.

Here are a few tips that can help in finding keywords that can help you rank quickly.

Go for Long Tail Keywords

When choosing long tail keywords, be sure to target your search depending on your particular needs and also what is pertinent to your website. Keep in mind, it is not about getting traffic, but generating pertinent visitors in the expectations of increasing conversions. What are long tail keywords? These are keywords which consist of more than one word and are just more precise. For example, if you type in Internet Marketing book you have no idea what to buy but if you type in “$100 Startup” you most likely already want to buy that one book and not any other. So the best way to go is for long tail keywords, the more exact you can be what your audience is looking for, the higher is your success rate.

Evaluating the Top Five

If the leading 5 terms of your competitors are weak, there is a higher likelihood you will get ranked for those keywords fast.

Finding keywords, which are relevant, can help to assess if the leading 5 are intentionally attempting to rank on your target keyword. Is the keyword you are focusing on in their title or URL? If yes, you are in for a difficult fight but if it is not their target keyword, your progress will be a lot simpler. You can check this more easily with Market Samurai since it pulls all the relevant data in one place.

You can make use of the Yahoo Site Explorer to find out the number of backlinks your competitors have. You will find that Google hides links, which is not accurate for SEO competitive analysis. In addition, you can also use a PageRank checker to assess your competitor’s PageRank. After that, you can check out your competitor’s site page numbers, and the domain name age. But again, all that is much easier with Market Samurai since you’ll see it for any keyword you want to target in one place.

Here is an example for low carb diet while using Market Samurai:

Screen Shot 2013-10-03 at 13.01.26

Many people say that Market Samurai is “crap” because it takes some time for it to load. But then you receive a lot of data though at a glance. Get your own idea with the free trial.

An alternative is LongTailPro.

The simplest keywords to get ranking for have competitors that are not particularly focusing on the keyword phrase, which have a low domain age or even PageRank. The keywords that do not have the root keyword have got less competition compared to the ones that have many keyword terms.

For instance, in case you are in the diet market or niche, keyword phrases such as six pack abdominals diet, low carb diet, or even best diet will likely be extremely competitive.

Then again, keywords that do not feature the term diet in them have minimal competition. For instance, you can rank easily with a term like get a 26-inch waist.

If you use the above methods for all your blog posts, you will possess a strong strategy for finding keywords that you can get rankings with.

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