How To Succeed With An Informational Website

October 28, 2013 4 Comments

You can earn money through selling information products. That’s of course, not new, we already talked about the different stages you have to go through here. When you have an enthusiasm regarding a thing or if you have a preferred leisure pursuit, you may transform the information into income by the means of information products. You may sell these on the internet or even through journals.

Countless sites are developed every day, yet not many of these sites turn out profitable. How can you create an informational website that attracts that traffic, offers value as well as generates income?

Below are five major tips that you may need to consider:

Long Term Focus

Online marketers who attempt to put together a successful website in a couple of weeks are often the people who become disappointed and throw in the towel whenever things are not working according to their plans.

The reason is mainly because creating a good name, developing site rankings and even developing a reader base often takes much longer than expected.

You should plan the venture to begin paying off in around half a year, and build up speed in approximately 12 months. You should avoid developing projects with the aim of earning quick money.

Focus On Quality Not Quantity

For instance, when you take a look at the leading 3 informational websites in any niche, they consistently offer excellent content. If they fail to do so, they will not be able to rank high.

It is vital that you provide excellent marketing, excellent SEO, excellent design, and many other features. Nonetheless, the level of quality of your content will greatly determine if your site will succeed. This is why it is normally said that quality content is king. Of course, you can outsource content writing or purchase PLR products to use them for your websites. But whatever you do, you need to make sure that your website has quality content. Rewrite it or transfer it into e.g. a presentation on Slideshare or YouTube video.

Know What Your Audience Wants

You should not just speak about what you would like to talk about, or even do not assume you are aware of just what your target audience needs to know about.

The best method to build up your content with time would be to talk to your audience. Ask them what sort of content they prefer, what their problems are, and also the type of content they are not happy with. Therefore, the more you are able to tailor the content to your audience’s needs, the more they will be happy. Beside asking them on your website, you can also always look for good keywords with Market Samurai or Longtail Pro.

Learn To Publish Often

Information websites that publish content frequently get even more traffic compared to sites that do not.

Most bloggers have discovered that the more regularly you publish content, the more targeted traffic you will normally receive. A site that is updated 5 times weekly obtains more traffic compared to a website which is updated once weekly.

Take a couple of the most visited websites, for instance,, AskMen and also Facebook, they are all very successful because they are consistently updated. Of course, you cannot produce as much content as a site like EHow but if you could publish an article a day you would make money much faster than a site that publishes just two times per week.

Be A Problem Solver

A lot of people will read sites for entertainment. Nevertheless, in general the majority of outstanding informational websites on earth reached the place they are now, by solving issues that visitors have.

You can focus on your site on these points; however, it is important to have an understanding of your client’s problems, determine what requirements have not been accomplished yet and even fully understand the market place.

These 5 points are a strategy that will make you successful. Keep in mind that being successful with an informational website is not an immediate strategy. However, if you will do it correctly, the reward is great.

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  1. Sebastian says:

    Do you have any suggestions or insights about inspirational blogs?

    Mine is sort of inspirational, but I tend to be very provocative and piss people off. I have no idea what i am actually. I just speak my mind haha.

    • Monja says:

      Hi Sebastian, Thanks for stopping by – what do you mean about “insights” is there anything specific?

      • Sebastian says:

        Yea. I overcame a very rough childhood. I overcome being overweight and became a bodybuilder. I overcame a really bad case of social anxiety. I learned so much from these experiences and it’s this that I share with people to push them to do something meaningful with their lives.

        I can be harsh some times but that’s life. Read my post if you want to know what I mean.

        • Monja says:

          I totally agree. When you have experienced some bad things in life (unfortunately) you can help others to overcome these things. Great job. How is your website doing?

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