What It Is Consistency, Why Is It Important and How to Implement It

October 25, 2013 3 Comments

The Online marketing world is different from the way it was previously. These days, everyone is seeking to get noticed out there in the market. You will find that also smaller niches usually have lots of websites compete for Google’s recognition. Just what must you undertake to be noticeable?

If you desire to have a profitable site, it must have consistency. Consistency comprises of numerous parts; for example, it implies becoming consistent with your information, your product as well as your whole website. Next, it calls for staying consistent over time.

Consistency with Brand and Identity

It is vital that before you launch a site, take time and think of the sites brand and identity. Exactly what emotional feel must it feature? What is your target audience? What precisely defines your site? What’s all round message of the site? Who ought to create content for the site? What the general voice of the content on the site should be?

Just what does the design point out regarding your site? What feelings do the colors give to a first time visitor on your site? What sort of header picture, and more do you make use of and the reason?

The above mentioned are vital points to respond to. If you want to construct an excellent site, you have to build a website which has all the components aligned to an uniform brand and even message.

Consistency over Time

The other thing most people prefer is consistency over time. They want to be certain that whenever they revisit the site they will have the same experience. Consider this, in case a restaurant changed from offering German to French to Italian food Italian to just within several months, it is likely that you will not frequent the place as you will not know what to expect.

In the same way, if a site changes designs, authors, messages or writing styles each month, chances of you coming back are minimal. People like to have consistency with the sites they visit. That is the reason why large sites such as Yahoo, Google and Facebook hardly ever change their websites.

Consistency with Content and Publishing

Your site being an information based site, readers would like to know what to expect with regards to the content. They deserve to know what sort of content they might expect to get and when to expect.

Create a consistent publishing timetable. When you publish regularly, your audience will begin to expect that and even return daily. When you publish two days per week, let’s say Monday and Thursday, they will be expecting new content on these days.

What to do if you have a static website

Establish a consistent plan for updating; even if it is once per month to keep Google pleased.

Conclusion: When there is consistency on your website, you will keep the visitors contented. They will understand what to expect if they visit your site. As long as whatever you have to provide is exactly what they need, they will keep returning, providing you consistently offer them what they need.

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  1. Delia says:

    Love your advice about static websites. We are so used to talk about blogs blogs blogs that we forget this little “trick” for companies that cannot start blogging, for whatever reason.
    Thanks for the great read, Monja!

  2. Sebastian says:

    I tell my audience exactly when I’m going to publish my post each week. Is this considered consistent?

    • Monja says:

      I’d say so, just make sure that you don’t disappoint them. Because – if I find myself reading a blog and don’t get new posts although I know that is the usual posting schedule I will, after being disappointed a few times, just not visit that site that often anymore. How about you?

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