How To Drive Traffic To An Informational Site

November 15, 2013 8 Comments

drive-trafficIn case you are operating an informational site, you will have to know a little on how you may improve the quality and visitors of your site, since you have offered future customers a way of getting you.

Nevertheless, driving traffic to an informational site is a little different compared to getting visitors to a commercial site. A commercial site is able to pay for traffic, simply because they know that some of visitors can become buyers. However, an informational website cannot afford to do that.

An informational site ought to get traffic at no cost. There are lots of ways to get free traffic to your website, although the majority of the methods require some time to get speed.

Below are 3 simple strategies to drive traffic to an informational site

Partnering with Related Sites

An excellent approach to obtain more traffic to your site is to partner with other websites in your field.

For example, if you happen to operate an informational site regarding how to raise fish. Think of how you may utilize this method to have more traffic to your website.

You may begin by offering to generate cost free content for producers of fish tanks. All you need to request them in return is a backlink to your site.

Search Engine Traffic

SEO, better known as “organic” traffic, is probably the greatest gauge for the high quality of your content. The best method to obtain search engine traffic would be to create good quality written content frequently over many years. It is possible for you to obtain a few visitors by way of SEO tactics; however, usually, the sites that actually get rankings are those that create top quality content.

You should learn SEO basic principles. Know how to optimize title tags, get backlinks, and select keywords among others. Get the basics taken care of, but put all your concentration on producing good quality content.

Blog Commenting & Forums

You can also carry out a combined training video series with other specialists about how to bring up particular varieties of fish. Actually, you may as well perform a video sequence in which you interview specialists on different varieties of fish.

You may introduce your free 20-page “getting started” manual for new fish keepers, which you can give to other site owners to offer for free with your name on the guide.

Any time you come across a website in your field think about the way you can work as a team so as to benefit in this vast world of online business. These are some of the ways you may partner with other websites in your field to generate traffic to your website.

Days are long gone when you could make use of online forums and even blogs to grow links to your site to acquire major website rankings. Nevertheless, genuine people in search of useful info may still locate you by way of such channels.

When you establish your name and even repute on such discussion forums, others will begin to know you, and after that pursue your work. They will begin coming to your site, returning again once they like your content, linking back to you and also referring their friends.

Conclusion: All these 3 ways of traffic generation to informational sites are simple to follow, simple to put into the action and even straightforward.

When you need some help to get people to your website, join the Academy and we’ll figure it out together 🙂

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  1. I have personally tested that social media traffic is a quickest way to get traffic to a blog but for a long time traffic source we must need to work on some powerful promotional strategies.

    Blog commenting works great if we really know how to implement it perfectly. Great and valuable comments attract huge audience and we must try to give our best while commenting.

    One another good way is guest posting. Yes! It’s amazing source to spread our words among a new and targeted audience.

  2. Shalin says:

    Search engine or organic traffic is the most valuable asset to informational websites. In that case I believe the content on those websites are the key. Explained well and I think you may have to be little bit careful with the forums 🙂

  3. Jane says:

    Hey Monja, 3 simple yet effective tips! Blog commenting works great in this regard. I’ve found success with it. But we should make sure, no matter what method we use to drive traffic, we must aim at providing value everywhere. That’s how we can make sure that the traffic will love us and will stick.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Monja says:

      Thanks for your comment, Jane! I totally agree. But blog commenting is just helpful if you try to provide value with each comment. That is very important actually. What do you think? How do you make sure that you leave value with your comments?

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