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October 30, 2013 4 Comments

Online marketing is mostly about information. If you would like to make more money on the internet, you will need to utilize the information accessible for you. In this world of the internet, we converse by means of words or simply to say, content. A site without written content does not have any use to an individual using the internet. Today though, you are not stuck to writing content. You can also create videos, presentations, or podcasts, just to name a few.

You will find out that making money from information comes in multiple ways. Certain ways produce better results for specific types of sites. Below are 3 of the major methods of generating revenue using information:


Whenever many people think about monetizing traffic, the first thing that hits there mind is advertising.

This form is quite simple to execute; however, what you make per site visitor is quite less. This means that if you would like to make money, you will need so many site visitors.

Websites such as Google, Facebook, or even on a lesser level, eHow .com,, and a lot more, advertising performs splendidly. They have many site visitors that despite having reduced revenue per individual, they generate huge profits.

For the personal blog or website, that is usually too little. Assuming you are making $10 per a thousand site visitors, you will need 10,000 guests per month to make $100.

It is easy to implement advertising as you can begin with Google AdSense or even other advertisement networks. The more middlemen you may eliminate, the increased your payout. So once you have the ball rolling, means once you have a good amount of visitors, you will be able to sell direct advertising. But that will take time.

Selling Other People’s Products

The other method to make money from an information based site would be to market somebody else’s goods and services.

In case you operate a site concerning men’s fashion, for instance, you may market fashion magazines, special sneakers or wrist watches.

This is often known as an affiliate program. To take part in this kind of program, you can either register with an affiliate program such as Commission Junction, or even get in touch with the merchants instantly.

A lot of courses, digital goods, physical goods, as well as other providers would like to divide their earnings with you in return for forwarding to them clients. Especially digital products can make you good money. But again, this means you need to set up a website and gain visitors. You can recommend products to them through affiliate marketing. But, be sure that you just recommend products you use or have used. Nothing is worse than someone who offers reviews about products he doesn’t know. So be loyal and honest to your audience. When you recommend something you need to stand behind that with both feet 😉

Create And Sell Your Own Products

You may produce and even put up your own products for sale.

These items may be digital or physical. You will find that physical goods are more difficult to produce, yet look more genuine to most clients.

However, digital goods may be quite easily produced as the margins are almost 100%. Given that you currently have trustworthyness in the quality of information which you offer, your audience is likely to have confidence in purchasing information you provide.

Coming up with your own product is the most lucrative way to make money from an information based site. For instance, in case you produce an e-book that sells for $30 and then 1% turns out to purchase it, that’s $300 per a thousand site visitors; as opposed to the small $10 you would receive out of advertising.

The above-mentioned details are 3 totally different methods to make money with an information based site. You should avoid trying to make money right away with a completely new site. Before anything else, you should concentrate on building the website and also traffic generation. After getting a dependable user base, you can put one or more of the methods mentioned here into action.

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  1. Sebastian says:

    I do not know how I’m going to make money. But honestly… I just want the fame. Good post tho. Let me know if you find other innovative ways of making money. What do you use?

    • Monja says:

      I think the most “innovative way” is to stick to the method you have chosen. I’m sure you’ll succeed then. It is as with everything – from losing weight to passing your exam. When you stick to it you can do it

  2. Bruce says:

    Very good info.



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