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The concept of making passive income from video tutorials is a little bit unique. Only a couple of marketers are using this concept and making good passive cash on the internet. Once you learn how to create high quality and helpful how to videos, you will make a lot of money but be careful, you need to be consistent and give the visitors of your YouTube channel something new on a regular base.

What is a How to Video?

A how to video is a video that demonstrates to people the way to do something and solves a problem for them. For instance, they can teach you how to repair your computer keyboard, how to reduce your weight, or even how to apply your makeup. How to videos are very helpful as everyday people rely on video tutorials to learn the best way to perform several tasks. This simply means that there is a venture available for you in the how to videos. In case you have an area of expertise, you may come up with how to videos to educate other people, and therefore, generate income.

Below are 2 of the best known methods to earn money from how to videos:

YouTube Videos

YouTube claims to own lots of clients from all over the world. Opening an account with YouTube costs nothing. Come up with your how to videos and then upload them. Soon you are going to get an invitation to start monetizing your videos by putting adverts on the bottom part of your video clip. For that, you just need some videos uploaded. Whenever a person clicks on the advertisement, you generate income.  If you do not want to wait for an invitation from YouTube, you may apply to be a partner in your YouTube channel. The more videos you have uploaded, the higher your chances are. They do not put obstacles in your way. If your account is good standing, you’ll be approved so this keep you away.

If you want to learn more about setting up your videos on YouTube, check out this article about SEO for your videos.

Information Marketing

Whenever people think about information marketing, they picture news and even e-books. Nevertheless, in case publishing books is not your profession, you may come up with how to videos. Recors a how to videos tutorial sequence on how to create a blog, install tiles, or even repair your kitchen sink. Issues which are sought after have the perfect opportunity at generating an income and even achieving success. You can market such topics by creating a DVD video series and illustrations obtainable with an online download. This helps you to save shipping charges, and your client gets immediate content.

In case you have professional tips about how to accomplish something, or even how to do something, think about monetizing that know-how by the way of video. Come up with your own YouTube guide, or even develop into an information online marketer. It is never too late, you can start today! I recently wrote an article about how to become an information product marketer. You can read more about that here.

Beside that, there are many sites that offer ready made products for you which you can resell. You might have heard about PLR products. PLR means private label rights. You can use and modify the products and, depending on the license, you can even put your own label on it and resell them as your own. Or you can use them and record a screencast or audio so your product creation process will be without pain. To be honest with you though: Just throwing together a product won’t make you any money or build reputation. The point is that you need to give your audience really good material to build trust. So please keep your audience in mind and give them more than they ask for.

It doesn’t matter if you create how-to videos or any other video, audio or e-book. The point is to give your audience what you promise. So please make sure you review the material and if necessary modify it before you sell it.

Here are some websites where you can find PLR or MasterResellRights material:

PLRMiniMart Tiffany Dow


On you can even get a free membership with limited access to the products. Even better, for a few Dollars you can get over 5,000 videos, etc. for your own website or product creation.

Go here:

Don’t forget: PLR is a short cut. You’ll have the product quickly but you still need to market and sell it and, more important than everything: Ensure that it is a great quality.

If you are an expert in your niche it shouldn’t be a big problem to create videos yourself. For example: Doing screencasts takes nothing but a microphone and a recording program such as Screenflow for Mac or Camtasia for Windows. You might need a few videos practice but I promise, it will be fun and easy after that to create videos. Here you can check out the Living For Mondays YouTube Channel so you know that you don’t need to be a video pro to give your visitors some value.


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