How to make your YouTube Channel stand out

December 3, 2016 3 Comments

how-to-make-your-youtube-channel-stand-outI hope you’ve missed my post from last week. I couldn’t write you because I couldn’t access my own websites. I had to update the computer and somehow my email passwords were no longer working. This resulted in being locked out of my own server. So I couldn’t open any site nor write a blogpost. With a busy week I decided that I’d just publish the next one today and not bomb you with emails all week long.

The great thing is that I have a new class for you, it’s about how you can make your YouTube Channel stand out. I mean really stand out. When you enter a keyword into YouTube you most probably decide what video to watch because… yes, because of the image you see, don’t you? I know I do that. What looks appealing? What looks professional? When I scan the videos those are the reasons which make me watch the one or other video.

Therefore I put a course together where you not just learn what the reason are but you put them into practise. Which means: You learn how to create such an outstanding thumbnail to make your videos watched.

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I hope you’ll enjoy the class. Let me know the results here in the comments or in the class section.

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  1. Muhanji says:

    hey I just want to say I appreciate the effort put in this work. Your number one Fan

  2. DenverHart says:

    Thanks for sharing such an informative content. I will follow your tips accordingly.

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