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December 11, 2016 3 Comments

It’s Sunday and I’m busy. Not that this is too unusual for me. It’s more normal although I usually take a bit time off. I guess I won’t today. I won’t because I want to get ready for 2017. There are round about three weeks left in 2016 and I think I can get a lot of planning done for the next year and set up my business and websites for success.

After all, it’s all about planning

If I have planned what classes I am going to record, I will. If not, I feel lost and behind and never get things done on time. As I have told you in other posts already I have a digital scrapbooking website. A year or so ago we did Collaboration Kits each and every month. I send out newsletters three times a week. I had an active creative team which posted gorgeous layouts of the kits available in the store and, then, posted them at a lot of places with a link back to my site. I didn’t notice how valuable that was until I didn’t have it anymore and until I learned about SEO.

Digidesignresort was not much more than a hobby site but a hobby site which made about 1,000 Euros each and every month. When I didn’t plan ahead anymore and always felt behind, well, the site started to go down. My fellow designers and friends disappeared. The creative team lost inspiration. And I could see the traffic drop tremendously.

It’s my fault

It’s not that I didn’t want to make 1,000 € from a hobby site anymore. It was more that my personal problems took over and I couldn’t get things done anymore and then, yes, felt behind.

You see it’s all coming down to that. When you feel behind you feel left, lost and more. What you can do to not feel like that is goal setting. I created a course which exactly addresses this topic. I did that back in fall this year but it also applies to the next year and each and every month you choose to start fresh.

It’s called “How to become more successful this Fall and beyond“.

Don’t let the title mislead you. As I said it’s not just for fall 😉 If you want to prepare yourself for a good year and get your business going (again maybe) you need to start with goal setting. It’s not as hard as it sounds. Actually I believe it’s kinda fun.

I haven’t written down everything yet. A few things, yes – but most things are in my head. Still I’ll make sure to write it down as well because just when you write it becomes true.

When you use this link for my class you’ll get that one and 1000s of others for just 99Cents for three months!

If you want to learn more about goal setting don’t stop with watching my course. Another great thing to do is reading the book “Living Forward: A Proven Plan to Stop Drifting and get the Life you want“.

It gives you plan about how you can plan your life for the next years. It’s a great book. So if you really want to dive into goal setting you are covered with my course and this book.

Grab it on Amazon here

I also use the Passion Planner for my goal setting. It helps me to become crystal clear of where I want to go. I started with an A4 one, now I have an A5 one – I’m sure there are tons of others out there but to me the Passion Planner is nice. It’s even free if you want to print it out yourself. You can have a look here.

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