Why You Can Start Your Online Business Right Now

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start-online-businessNo matter your age, education or station in life you can start a blog as your online business. Blogs can be super cheap to get started and even free. There is technology that is as simple to use as Facebook that enables you to get your blog live fast. If you have something to say, you can start a blog in the next five minutes using any number of platforms like WordPress.com, Blogger.com or Tumblr.com.

In addition, it’s not that hard to start a self-hosted blog using the self-hosted version of WordPress on your own server space. You can get webhosting for about five dollars a month,domain, unlimited bandwidth and server space included, and the WordPress platform is free. Many webhosts will load the initial version of WordPress into your hosting account free of charge where you can easily access the dashboard to change the theme, put up new banners, and upload your blog posts.

There is no reason to allow money or fear of technology to hold you back. You won’t ever be able to start a business for less money. Don’t make the mistake and go with a free blog because you never own your own content. The free platform can shut down your blog whenever they feel like and all your efforts are flushed down the toilet – including linkbuilding and content writing. It is better to just invest the few bucks on Bluehost (you can always request your money back and they send it according to the time left on your subscription with them) for webhosting, think of a fun name for your blog, then pick a theme, and layout, then just get started making blog posts. You can get tons of free themes on WordPress.org but if you are serious about starting your own business you better get a theme that is updated regularly and perfectly set up for the search engines, such as Genesis or Thesis. Your blog can be about literally anything from the everyday to the controversial. Just don’t assume no one will see your blog if you plan to be controversial, the days of Internet anonymity are over, so be ready.

Whether you want to earn money from blogging, or just express yourself, blogging is within your reach. If you can post an update to Facebook you can start a blog. You probably have some blog topic ideas already. Most people have dreams of being a writer at some point in their lives, and today, it’s even easier to get started. The great thing is, that the more you write, the better you get at it. Even people who do not write well naturally can learn and by blogging, you are practicing the craft in a very nonthreatening way.

Some ideas to get you started:

  • Blog about your life
  • Blog about being a mom
  • Blog about being a dad
  • Blog about your business
  • Blog about politics
  • Blog about religion
  • Blog about cooking

What you can blog about is truly endless. Pick a topic and then break it down to a minute level. For instance, blogging about cooking could be overwhelming because there are so many types of food and so many types of cooking. Instead of just blogging about cooking, blog about grilling, or budget cooking, or low-carb cooking. Choose a minute niche to help you focus in on the topic in a way that will interest a specific audience. And, try to solve a problem for your visitors. Later, when you have written a lot of articles, you can still expand your topic with something related.

After all, you need to enjoy the process. It might be good to see it as a hobby first if you still have your 9 to 5 job. Don’t forget – it all depends on the amount of time you are able to invest in your hobby to make it a business. If you post five articles per day you get the amount of visitors you need to have a business much faster than when you write one article per week. Don’t feel discouraged if you don’t have time to write so much every day. But also, don’t be disappointed if success takes a while until you are where you want to be. After all, it’s about having enough content on your blog. If you have that, you have a lot of visitors and make money from your site. Keep this in mind: if you have 1,000 articles on your site, visitors have the chance to find you about many more keywords than if you have just five. Makes sense, or?

As with all and everything you do in life, consistency is the key. So if you need some support and someone who holds your hand, please join our Academy. We are there to support you starting your online business.

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