Failure in Online Business

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Not that long ago I’ve written a post that I’d publish five posts per day. Crazy, I know 😉 Still, I could stick to that for a few weeks but basically I didn’t do anything but publishing and reviewing articles. The result was a GREAT amount of traffic to the blog, especially from search engines in a super short time. So yes, it was worth it. Since this site is super new (still), it needs a lot of attention and content before it will be really profitable although it is making money right now. Some people signed up for the Online Class about making money online and I truly LOVE to work with them.

I should have known that I could hardly stick to such a posting schedule. It was ambitious and maybe it would have worked but hey, actually I also need to make some money. Since I have some websites up and running I knew I could take some weeks off to schedule posts and write them but I didn’t think that five articles would cost me a work day. I know, I should have known better. So after a few weeks I realized that I wouldn’t be able to keep up with all these postings. Not that I didn’t want but I simply couldn’t or my other sites would drop down. Also, my web design business really took off. Mum and I had so much to do that we could hardly keep up with the customer’s orders and truly couldn’t write fife posts per day. Instead of doing one, I slowly fall behind. And what happened is that I got a bad conscious and totally neglected the site and the content although I totally love this site.

What happened?

  • My goal was too ambitious
  • I didn’t have the resources in time and money
  • If I want to write the content myself and offer great quality I cannot write that much in such a long time frame, however, I could have done for a month but actually not much longer

What does my failure in Online Business mean for you?

First of all, after talking to Pat Flynn on the Podcast here, I don’t see it as a failure. After I got rid of my bad conscious I started to see it more than a learning experience. You simply should not set your goals too high. If I wouldn’t have had any other commitment? Yes, I could have it done. And most probably I would by now make a much higher more or less passive income from this site as I do now. Live and learn I think, I simply over estimated the time I could put into that.

So if you ever set yourself too ambitious goals – don’t worry. We all do that, we all make mistakes but we all can revise. Don’t let this get you down. The worst thing is not to start, not making a mistake.

Haven’t started yet? Don’t worry about failure in Online Business!

If it feels that you are forever in research mode, now is the right time to start. What you can learn from my example is that you better set a too ambitious goal and fail rather than not setting any goal at all. There are people who research stuff forever. They want to learn and learn and forget doing because they worry about making a mistake. Sure, you can do that. But you’ll never get where you want. If if you can just do turtle steps these are better than not doing anything at all like I did now for over a month.

Go to Bluehost right now and start your Online Business. Failure in Online Business can happen but nothing will happen if you never start!

You are unsure about the steps you should take? Well, join our class and we show you step by step how to move forward!

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