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December 30, 2013 5 Comments

It’s finally there, the end of the year and yes, it seems like anyone else in this industry I’m busy planning. I already started planning with my Mum on our last work day this year on the 20th and I’m still in planning mode since I cannot decide what is best: plan the entire year or just map it out and plan January well?

I decided for the second option. We have a basic plan for the whole year, how we get our business to the next level, what products we release, how many new PLR packs we get out, etc. But we haven’t set what we are going to write about for an entire year because I think you cannot do that – you simply need to react to things and experiences you make so it is better to plan out the year but not in detail too far ahead.

We are going to plan precisely for a month and then go for breakfast outside and do brainstorming (we both love that ;-)).

Beside that, I think it is time to implement social media more and more into our business. If you read my review about Lynn Terry’s Social Media Marketing Results Course you know that we are not getting seriously into that. I put together a plan for myself and my Mum, additionally to the blogging planner, what we have to do daily.

I said you shouldn’t overwhelm yourself and start out with one or two social media channels and I’m still convinced that this is the best way to go about social media but I will challenge myself for this site and get a bit further.

Here is what I plan to do daily to promote my Blog Posts:

blog-posts-promotionMy goal is, once again, to publish articles on this blog daily and see after a few months which difference it makes to the business. However, beside “just” writing daily what I personally find hard enough (especially when you want to publish good content) I want to promote each post and the brand by doing the following steps.

  1. Post the blog post manually to Facebook, Twitter, G+ and Pinterest
  2. Spend 5 minutes on each of these platforms to like, share and promote other people’s posts
  3. Follow at least 5 people/pages on each of these platforms to expand my reach
  4. Comment on videos related to my niche on YouTube – with my business name but without leaving links, just being there is the goal and be seen
  5. Comment on 5 articles in my niche
  6. Comment in a forum in my niche

I think these actions done every day will cost about 1 to 1.5 hours but I believe it will be well worth because it gets me and my brand in front of people. I will see after a month what results I can announce. I believe that the best way to success is consistency. Even if I’m not able to do it all every day. Doing some of these things will truly help to get our business to the next

To do so I’ve created myself a basic sheet so I can just scratch out what I have done every day 🙂

If you feel this would help you as well, please grab it here. It is a PDF document you can just print out, put on your desk and check things off you’ve completed. Will you join me? I think it is much more fun if you are not alone. Even if you don’t start on January 1st – don’t worry. You can start doing this at any time, it is NOT just the first of the month you can start but each and every day.


Please subscribe to our newsletter and you can download the PDF right away. If you like this, I’d totally appreciate if you share it with your friends.

Not sure who said that but I am a big believer of this quote:

Success means doing the right things day in and day out.

So true. There is nothing like overnight success.

If you really want to dig deep into social media marketing and grow your business you might want to check out Lynn’s Social Media Marketing Results Course now

We can do that together! Let’s get into it now

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  1. Phillip Dews says:

    Hi Monja,
    First time here and I must say what a post I am very surprised that there has been no comments on this yet!

    I came across this on Pinterest and found the image of a blank piece of paper with grids on intriguing especially as it was on a social media board!

    Amazing what you discover from intriguing stuff like that, at the end of the day it got me here in front of your content, cool hey? I think that’s a cool secret us bloggers need to have and be intriguing hey!

    This has really helped me a lot as I am probable the most disorganised person I know and I haphazardly move from one social network to another, One blog to another and generally procrastinate for hours on end!

    I really need to plan my days better, but knowing my luck and experience best laid plans never go right. Just today I had to spend 4 hours combating blue screen of death instead of building a website for a client!

    Loved the post and will be happy to share it out.
    – Phillip Dews

  2. Sounds very good Monja though I am sure you will need to first research your posts to keep the quality of future posts
    I was thinking of something similar and will let you know what I decide

  3. Hi Monja, I just started my blog and your article gives my insight on how to move on. Thanks

  4. Shalin says:

    Is duplicating social content time to time any good? This is a problem I had for a long time. I read in your 5 points that, “Post the blog post manually to Facebook, Twitter, G+ and Pinterest” – just once is enough as you say. But can that be used to get a viral exposure?

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